Me at 4 years old with my older brother in our farmhouse kitchen.

“I have been on a journey my entire life, and it is just starting to get interesting.”

Hello and Thank you so much for coming to my blog site and reading the things I share.

I love History, and feel privileged that I have a small role in caring for it through my Antiques and Collectibles shop on Ruby Lane, also called Siemers Rafter Room.  I have been with rubylane.com since 2005 and as I think of my life before and during that time, it was all leading up to starting this blog and sharing the best information I have with all of you.

I do not claim to be an expert on anything. I have no degree, no books that I have written, no formal schooling for the business I am in. What I do have is a passion for knowledge, and a dogged sence of needing to find out all I can about anything I may offer you here, or in my shop. I do so by talking regularly with industry folk, and listening to those that talk about their past. Constantly reading all I can that is written by the “go to” people and constant, unending research.

Having been born in the early 50s I also have oodles of personal history that has helped to model me to be the person I am. My Grandfather for one, who considered himself a “gentleman junkman” always in a pressed and starched white shirt. Today we would have called him a “picker”.  Then there was my Aunt Mary who had an Antique Shop attached to her home in Maryland. Her business card read, “Located near ShangriLa” and as a child, not knowing that Shangri-la was what the Presidents retreat was called at that time, I always thought it simply meant it was an exotic way to say “beside my home”.  Not in the least there was my own Mother, an amazing woman, that took walks with me through the fields on our farm in search of “interesting things” and taught me that a very, very old trash heap could yield wonder, beauty, and treasure.

Today, I am retired from the working world after having a career in banking, and finally free to do as I wish with my time. Whom ever it was that said these are the leisure years had it all wrong, these are the free to explore and wanderlust years. The years of discovery for me. So I hope you will want to come along with me and see where we end up.

I also enjoy talking to people, so if you ever feel like commenting, please do. Be it a question or a comment, I’ll try to always give you my best.


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Me a few years ago at my eldest daughters wedding


Just like rummaging in the attic; you're never sure what your may find. Let's discover it together.



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Just like rummaging in the attic; you're never sure what your may find. Let's discover it together.

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